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The Sun and Stars  

For sheer intrigue, you’d be hard-pressed to find a period more steeped in it than the Tudor era, so dip into Elizabeth Adair’s The Sun and Stars for a castle spy delight.

~ Teresa L. Jacobson, Library Journal

 Elizabeth Adair’s first novel, The Sun and Stars, is set in the court of Henry VIII, amid all the splendor and suspicion, the intellect and the intrigue, the pomp and passion that Tudor England brings to mind.

 ~The Historical Novel Society

“Gripping Tudor mystery!”

~ Judith Stanton, author of A Stallion to Die For and His Stolen Bride

 The Sun and Stars is an elegant, witty, and engaging Tudor mystery. The plot is well-constructed and entertaining but Elizabeth Adair’s debut mystery is lifted from four to five stars by the delightful dialogue of the well-developed characters, and by the splendid depiction of the world.

~ Customer Review, Amazon.com